Business Intelligence & Analytics


Highcharts JS, Weave, D3, Tableau, KNIME, Data Wrapper, HortonWorks, Clarabridge, Storm/Kafka, Spark and Hive, SAS, SPSS, R, and Python, Teradata SQL, Aster


  • We could provide deep drive training to the experienced or CS OPT
  • Our consultants can design and implement data analysis solution using various tools


Technology Highlights

  • BA collects and analyzes data, employs predictive analytics and generates richly visualized reports, helping identify and address an organization’s weak points
  • Business analytics software is used to explore and analyze historical and current data. It utilizes statistical analysis, data mining and quantitative analysis to identify past business trends
  • It then uses that data to predict, and in most cases prepare for, future business climates. In effect, business analytics uses predictive analysis to solve problems before they’ve occurred
  • Business experiments, experimental design and AB testing are all techniques for testing the validity of something – be that a strategic hypothesis, new product packaging or a marketing approach
  • Data can be analyzed in different ways and the simplest way is to create a visual or graph and look at it to spot patterns
  • This is a statistical technique that allows you to determine whether there is a relationship between two separate variables and how strong that relationship may be
  • Regression analysis is a statistical tool for investigating the relationship between variables
  • Scenario analysis, also known as horizon analysis or total return analysis, is an analytic process that allows you to analyze a variety of possible future events or scenarios by considering alternative possible outcomes
  • Time series data is data that is collected at uniformly spaced intervals
  • Experienced users say it's crucial to evaluate the potential business value that big data software can offer and to keep long-term objectives in mind as you move forward


Helping Business

  • Needs to Inspect, clean and transform your data to create models that will highlight the important information within business and provide you with insights that can give competitive edge over other competitor
  • Make key decisions while receiving important conclusions that might otherwise have been hidden within massive or disorganized data sets
  • Analytics bring significant cost advantages when it comes to storing large amounts of data – plus they can identify more efficient ways of doing business.
  • Faster, better decision making.
  • New products and services. With the ability to gauge customer needs and satisfaction through analytics comes the power to give customers what they want.
  • Data and analytics allow us to make informed decisions – and to stop guessing
  • Data analysis provides objective answers that can put an end to an argument.
  • Determine what variables may be missing from your data, why they are missing and what effect they might have on the overall integrity of the analysis

Career in BI & Analytics


  • Data analytics is the most demanded
  • Great opportunity for who interested in data, analysis and statistics
  • Visual analytics, Correlation analysis, Regression analysis, Scenario analysis, Forecasting/time series analysis

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