.NET Full Stack


Visual Studio, C#, Entity Framework, LINQ, ASP.NET Web API, ASP.NET MVC, SQL Server, XML/JSON, AJAX, and ASP.NET Identity


  • We can provide deep dive training to the experienced or CS OPT
  • We can provide .NET expert consultant who could deliver web, desktop, web services, windows services, console, and mobile application using MS technologies


Technology Highlights

  • Full-stack development based on Microsoft technologies
  • One of the popular development stack with great developer support
  • .NET Framework is feature-rich, complete eco system and thoroughly battle-tested
  • Complete velocity and shorter time to market
  • Productivity and lower costs
  • Easy to get started
  • Collaboration and Integration with market products
  • Cloud agility and cost reductions opportunities
  • .NET Framework is heavily invested by one of the world’s richest organizations
  • Microsoft Developer network(MSDN) library is well maintained
  • Highly scalable robust and far more secure in its code base protection against the Open Source coding languages which at times need code obfuscation
  • Backward compatibility apart, has full service coverage of everything that technology has to offer towards software product development
  • .NET framework which comes with Software Development Kits and Methodologies of Microsoft, thus enabling the eons of challenge with ‘Getting the Product Right’ at one go
  • Great community support, regular updates and version


Helping business

  • Easy to find the talent
  • No worries on IP ownership
  • Microsoft stands on his ground
  • Complete platform to develop all kind of application including web, desktop, web services, windows services, console, mobile
  • Moving towards Open source but with the clear roadmap from Microsoft
  • Moving towards OS independent with .NET Core



.NET FUll Stack as a Career


  • Easy to learn and master it
  • Developer friendly with great debugger, code assistance with powerful IntelliSense,
  • Simple to setup and configure

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